LIVE Spring Events in El Paso (Part One)

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As the world continues to get back to normal, we are delighted to finally share some live events that get you out and about from your apartment in El Paso.  At the same time welcome all the great talent in El Paso back to stages throughout the city.

Pop Mondays – Ingrata Pop


Every Monday at Speaking Rock starting at 8:00 p.m. you can enjoy a variety of live music for FREE!  Mark your calendars now to sit back with a brew or two and enjoy Spanish and English rock performed by local and regional musicians.

Top of Form


Bottom of Form

Mariachi Tuesdays – Featuring Mariachi Alegre


There might not be a better end to a day than sipping on a cool Margherita while listening to Mariachi Alegre on Speaking Rock’s outdoor patio.  Head on over from Cantera apartments in El Paso to take in the talent every Tuesday throughout the spring

Star City Tattoo and Arts Expo

April 9, 2021

Whether you are a fan of tattoo art or not, the city of El Paso welcomes the return of the Star City Tattoo and Arts Expo.  Over 150 artists will gather at the El Paso Convention Center on April 9, 2021 starting at 12:00 pm.  Aspired Vision Studio is sponsoring a special visit and presentation by special guest artist Yallzee. Admission runs from $20 – $45.  For tickets and more information visit the events’ website.

El Paso Comic Con

April 16, 2021

Comic fans from across the world will gather again at the El Paso Convention Center to participate in the El Paso Comic Com.  Showcasing special guests that will be familiar to all with booths overflowing with samples of your favorite comic books and scenes from movies of the past.  Admission is $20 – $35 and tickets for El Paso Comic Con can be purchased right here.


April 20, 2021

Here is a great idea for Ladies Night Out or just a super night on the town.  If you have yet to see “Stomp,” this is the time to do so.  Enjoy full night of this international award-winning percussion performance that you will never forget.  You will be amazed and amused at the music that they present while playing with some of the items that fill your kitchen drawers, dining room, and garage.  Make your reservation now for the show at Abrahma Chavez Theater in El Paso.  Tickets range from $32 – $72.

With more venues opening for public events every day, we encourage you to get out of your apartment in El Paso and support all the arts and culture of our vibrant city!

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