Things to do in February in El Paso, TX

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Earlier this month we offered some ideas that were ideal for taking your Valentine out and about in El Paso.  With so much to do and see throughout our colorful and culturally infused city, we decided to continue the theme and post more suggestions as to what to do with your loved ones this month.  

Head to our Historic Downtown
When was the last time you went downtown to just stroll through and around all its historical buildings?  If your Valentine appreciates architecture, this is a ‘win win’ for sure.  The city offers a free self-guided tour to that we highly recommend. Some of the finest examples of time gone by are located throughout this easy walking tour in and around the San Jacinto Historic Plaza. Stop by the El Camino Hotel and be sure take in the character of the Hotel Paso del Norte.

In the middle of the Plaza is a perfect spot for a ‘selfie’ or social posts of sorts. You can’t miss the fiberglass alligator sculpture created by Luis Jimenez. The extra-large critter is dedicated to the alligators that lived in the park pond for over 80 years. 

Everyone Loves a Broadway Show 
Back in the early1930s the theater within the Historic Plaza was the place to be seen, and to see some of the best entertainment of the decade.  Today is no exception – thanks to a major renovation in the 1990s.  Today the venue showcases the classic design on yesterday and offers Broadway shows and other impressive entertainment throughout the year. 

Mark Out a Day for the Missions
We are so fortunate to have so much history within a short, scenic drive from our apartments in El Paso.

Did you know El Paso is home to some of the oldest churches in the Texas?  The list includes San Elizario Chapel, Socorro Mission, and Ysleta Mission.  All are exquisite examples of the architecture of yester-year.  If you have a passion for photography, be sure to make the time to mark your calendar for a day of capturing the exquisiteness of these whitewashed missions. 

There are many other attractions along the mission trail including Los Portales Museum, art galleries in the San Elizario Historic District, and other cultural attractions. 

Get Artsy
Back in 1959 the El Paso Museum opened to the public.  Today this well-respected establishment continues to showcase some of the largest collections of artwork in southwestern Texas.  We always visit the section that is lined with work from El Paso artists and visiting artist from around the USA and beyond.  Don’t miss the hall that showcases the exceptional displays of paintings from Italian artists.  It is some of the most intriguing of its kind.
Once you have enjoyed the Museum, make a day of it, and experience El Segundo Barrio.  Here you will take in some of the most thought-provoking displays of creativity this side of the Border. 
No matter where you go or what you do with your loved ones this month, we encourage you to get out and about and support all the local artists, restaurants, and venues in El Paso.  

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